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FD1 signal strength displays "X" on remote



  • pete kokich

    ours doing the same and unable to use it grr. All worked well few months back when tested it. then went to go fishing and had x on display and wouldnt work 

  • SwellPro Support
    Thank you for contacting.
    Please check and do as items as below.
    1.Open the top cover of your drone.
    2.Check the light status of receiver which we circled for you. The position of the receiver is not fixed, you may find on the inside wall of the drone.
    3.If the light stays on, please check whether the green cable is connected properly.
      If the light keeps flashing, please pair your drone again.
      If there is no light on, please check whether all cables are connected properly.

    Please feel free to contact our support team if you have any question.

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