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Drone Spiraling Out of Control


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  • SwellPro Support
    Thank you for your contacting.
    This is the reason for the prompt of calibration.
    (1) Change an environment to test it. This prompt appears by the magnetic field interference of the flight environment。
    (2)When you install the battery,please keep the battery cable away from the shielded cotton on the top of the aircraft.The battery will generate a magnetic field during work. Once the cable is exposed to the top cover, the magnetic field of the aircraft will be interfered.
    (3)The aircraft prompts the magnetic calibration is a prompt to ensure the safe flight of the aircraft, please calibrate the compass。You can refer to the video which we recorded.
    Please refer to the calibrate operation as the video.
    You can also find more information from our support website.
    Please check whether the battery is installed properlly, its cable can't touch the top cover.Please do all calibrateion again.
    Please feel free to contact us if you have any question.

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