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  • SwellPro Support

    Hi, if your drone is a new one, please refer to the information as below.

    Can you hear beeping sound when you turn on the drone?
    If you can hear the beeping sound at the same time,please push the battery hard into the battery compartment.

    About the beeping sound, that battery has three stages :

    V1:Uninserted - no lights and can not be closed.

    V2:Battery pushed to be closed but not enough - only green lights, camera setup and can be connected to app camera view but beeping all the time.

    V3:Pushing harder to hit the limit switch and all lights starts lightning and no more beeping.


    Becase between pushed v2 va pushed v3, need power push which is not so obvious when from pushing to push v2 camera starts so it looks like all set and second push is hard to do ( battery material starts little bends so it is worriesome to push harder)

     You can also refer to the attached video.

    Hope above information could help you.
    Please feel free to contact us if you have any question.
    If your drone is not a new one,please feel free to contact our support team

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