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    SwellPro Support


    Sorry for the late reply. Please contact us via email for prompt response.

    Please refer to the following information.
    1. Please provide your drone's purchase proof to show your purchase place and date, it can also help us know your drone's version
    2. Your drone's SN which you can find it on the battery compartment.
    3. Did you drone crash or touch water before?
    Please send the above information to our email so that we can better help you solve the problem.

    Email address: 

  • Sergio Ramirez

    No one will help you here, this company doesn't care about the problems you may have, so try to get help from your dealer or Facebook groups

  • Trentonaustn

    The receiver is losing signal. It is located inside the drone. If under warranty an authorized swellpro dealer can fix your issue. Parts are free, shipping is not.


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