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Designing own EKF and controller(s)



  • Eric Hu

    Hi Øystein Solbø,

    Kindly answer your questions as below:

    1. Is it possible to acquire raw data from the sensors in real time?  - Do you mean the drones sensor data? like IMU, Compass etc?

    2. Is it possible to give control signals directly to the drone's motors?  - The control signal need to go to the flight control board inside the drone first, then to the ESC then to motor.

    3. Which sensors (IMU, GNSS, ...) is currently implemented? - IMU, Compass, GNSS

    4. What is the current update rate of the existing EKF? - What EKF mean here?

    5. What is the current rate of the existing controllers?  - You mean remote controller? what rate you mean?

    6. Is it possible to give f.ex. velocity reference or attitude references to the drone's controllers? If so, what are the references' maximum bandwidths?  - Why do you need this info? 

    7. I have read information that an API is available for the SplashDrone 4, however I cannot it. Is there any documentation for it? - Here has our API info: 




  • Øystein Solbø

    Hi Eric,

    1. Yes, raw data from the IMU, compass, GNSS, etc.

    2. For the onboard flight-controller, can it input velocity and/or attitude references?

    4. The EKF (extended kalman filter) currently implemented localy on the drone. In other words, I wonder how often it publishes new estimates, as I couldn't see this in the datasheet.

    5. Speaking of the attitude/velocity/position-controllers located on the drone. Sorry for confusing it with the handheld controller

    6. I am considering to develop a guidance system and possible a control system, depending on how one could interface with the current controllers. To generate a reference-signal / trajectory for the drone to follow, I need to know the maximum frequency that the drone can manage to follow - which is related to the bandwith of the controllers.

    Sorry for being overly specific on some of the questions.




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